Hi, hello! My name is Viktorie Pavlová and I am a Czech marketing management student, currently living in Denmark (Capital area). I have been taking photos ever since and it has been my biggest passion for more than 4 years. I would call myself a lifestyle photographer since I take photos from every field, but my favorites are weddings. Yes! I love those. As a part-time photographer I am proud of my photo style - I am not using any lights, flashes, thousand of different lenses and cameras, I just make it SIMPLE.

I LOVE using natural daily light. 

I LOVE capturing your rawest emotions.

I LOVE when you are being yourself and enjoying your photoshoot.

I LOVE your smiles after seeing the final photos.

I LOVE being part of your special moments. 

I LOVE the role of life photographer - couple photoshoot, engagement, wedding, first baby, second baby...

Besides my photography life, I live a busy life and it is because of my style of living. I have been dancing ballet, playing tennis, visiting art classes, later on, found interest in digital marketing & event management. I enjoy traveling the world and I completely fell in love with the Scandinavian lifestyle. So I decided to move to Denmark and study there. As a photographer, I am active in both countries, Czech Republic and Denmark.


Viktorie Pavlová

Czech Republic (Prague, Královéhradecký region) + Denmark (Copenhagen, Zealand)